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Planned projects:

  • Convert entire website from XHTML 1.0 Strict to HTML5
  • Convert Flash animations and objects to HTML5 Canvas via Adobe Animate
  • Update Art image gallery to slideshow in a modal popup window
  • Create a mobile version of this website
  • Increase security
  • Update site with newer content

I became interested in graphic design to create CD booklets and promotional materials for my music. Gradually I realized this was just the beginning of my need for a creative, artistic outlet. I found the momentum of the Internet contagious, and understood the importance of creating a powerful web presence. This led to my pursuit of marketing and web development. I use these natural inclinations to communicate visually through websites, advertisements, logos, and graphics; and audibly through music. Thanks for taking an interest, and feel free to contact me for freelance work etc.

1994: Produced, recorded, and performed music
1996: Began graphic design projects to promote music
2005: Engaged in coursework to enhance design & programming skills
2007: Designed/Developed websites for higher education clients
2008: Designed interactive multimedia applications & visual concepts
2009: Graduated from University of Maryland University College
Majored in: Computer Studies, Minored in: Marketing
Certificates earned: Computer graphics & design, Desktop publishing, Web design
2010: Continued building high-volume websites
2016: Currently available for web projects and other collaborations